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Employee Management Tool Kit 





Objectives and Benefits




®  Provide a consistent and structured approach to employee recruitment, that adheres to relevant human rights legislation.

®  Ensure the best possible fit between the company’s requirements and the candidate hired to avoid costs of poor recruiting

®  Interviewing guidelines and techniques, including sample interviewing questions.

®  Referencing guidelines and sample reference questions.

®  Candidate evaluation form to assist in the final selection of the “best fit” candidate.



®  Provide a source document that defines the working relationship between employer and employee.

®  A signed employment agreement is binding and enforceable in law, thereby mitigating unforeseen legal/financial exposure.

®  Standard employment agreement for:

  1. Full-time regular staff;
  2. Contract, part time and seasonal staff.



®  Provide the primary source document for:

a)       Describing the functions and duties to be performed by the employee;

b)       Describing the skills and knowledge required to perform job functions;

c)        Describing unusual/unique working conditions of the position;

d)       Recruiting and selection purposes;

e)       Establishing performance expectations directly relevant to the position.

®  Sample job description.

®  Instructions for creating job descriptions.



®  Provide a consistent, fair and legally sound operating framework for managing employees.

®  Clarification and communication of company practices reduces unnecessary costs.

®  Provide policies and practices that address the following critical areas:

  • Equal Employment Opportunity
  • Confidentiality
  • Business Dress
  • New Employee Orientation
  • First Three Months of Employment
  • Hours of work and overtime
  • Leaves of Absence
  • Vacation Entitlement
  • Statutory holidays
  • Pregnancy and Parental Leave
  • Harassment in the Workplace
  • Professional Development and Training
  • Workplace Health and Safety


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Components (continued...)


Objectives and Benefits



®  Provide structured performance feedback to promote productivity.

®  Acknowledge and reward employees for achievements.

®  Identify areas of underperformance.

®  Develop employees’ talents, promote professional growth and improve retention by defining objectives for employees to work towards.

®  Sample performance review form for non-management employees, including an evaluation-rating guide.

®  Sample performance review form for management employees, including evaluation-rating guide.

®  A detailed guide to the performance review process:

1.        advance preparation;

2.        conducting the performance evaluation meeting;

3.        handling the outcomes of the evaluation process.



®  Provide a consistent framework for awarding salary increases to employees.

®  Provide incentive compensation programs that  reward your highest contributors.

®  Group benefits programs that provide employers with a competitive edge in offering employees essential benefits that are meaningful to them and their families.



®  Provide guidelines on how to link annual salary increases to performance results and document compensation policies and practices.

®  Sample Incentive award program that links individual and company performance to bonus award determination.

®  A description of the various types of programs available to employees through insurance carriers and premium cost-sharing options


®  Utilize consistent and comprehensive termination correspondence so that both employer and employee understand the terms and conditions of termination.

®  Reach agreement with respect to termination provision and get release from employee with respect to future legal/financial liability of employer.

®  Standard termination letter and release forms that can be tailored to specific termination situation.

®  Guidelines for conducting the termination meeting with the employee.




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